Where to visit

Marko Sladić - Your Local Guide

When choosing Villa Muskatel, you can also get your own adventure guide who will take you on a beautiful adventure. Together with you, the adventure guide will arrange the adventure in which you will get to know Croatia which you cannot find in the tourist brochures.

This service is for hire at an extra cost.

Underwater Park Punat

The underwater park is a unique attraction that one must experience when visiting Punat and the island of Krk. It is a true, once-in-a-lifetime adventure for all non-divers out there! Experience the ultimate sensation where time stops, worries fade away, and breathing underwater becomes possible, safe, and easy. The underwater sea walk does not require any knowledge of swimming or diving.

Biserujka Cave

Biserujka is a cave located 6 km northeast of Dobrinj, in the village of Rudine, above Slivanjska Bay, in the island of Krk, Croatia. An undistinguished stone house in the middle of a bare karst landscape hides the entrance to a cave 12 m under the surface.

Marina Punat

Marina Punat is a tourist destination near Punat village on Krk island in Croatia. It is the largest marina in the northern Adriatic. The island is connected to mainland Croatia by a bridge that connects directly to the highway.


One of the most beautiful beached on the Island Krk


It is one of the island’s oldest settlements and is situated on the west coast of Krk. To see all the tourist attractions in the village, you will need around an hour. A few of the locations, primarily near one of the two churches, will provide a stunning view of the sea and the Croatian mainland.

Stara Baška

Stara Baška is a two-kilometer-long village on the southern part of the island of Krk, with beaches and small beaches stretching along its entire length, from sandy and rocky ones to those with rocks.

Kosljun - Monastery Museum

Only 750 meters from Punat lies the islet of Kosljun. It is known for the Franciscan monastery. The islet has a museum with an ethnographic collection. The monastery also owns a rich zoological collection of large seashells and unique animal specimens, such as the one-eyed lamb. The monastery also has a rich library with around 30,000 titles. It includes Ptolemy’s atlas printed in Venice in 1511 (one of the three preserved copies). The monastery is a zero-category monument.

Oprna Bay

Two large beaches were available for swimming. Oprna Bay’s main beach was its largest, and it was furnished with umbrellas and lounge chairs.

Zaglav Beach is the other well-known beach. 

Camino Krk

7 days, 150 km. All on the Island Krk. Bring your hiking boots because you’re going to need them.

Klančić - World Narrowest Road

Its narrowest part is only slightly more than forty centimeters wide. We highly recommend measuring your waistline before embarking on this adventure so you don’t get stuck halfway through and be sure to tuck in your stomach.

Soline Bay

Take a health mud bath at Soline Bay and visit nearby beaches in a shallow lagoon!

Krk Island Bike Trails

Hands down, one of the best experiences for active and outdoor people on Island Krk.

Here is a list of 5 trails to visit while visiting!